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    Wednesday, July 31, 2002
    [Page 3] Those who have brought you to this point know your current human nature so well that every possibility you can think of has been blocked. Every cell of resistance is well known by them and is allowed to exist because it has a purpose in their plan. These will be used as graphic examples of what they will not allow. Now you must come into the understanding that there is a passage through this experience for mankind, but you must more into a creative stance, not a resistive posture. This is not what is expected of you based on your past modes of experience. I can assure you that your history has been analyzed and studied by minds and computer model to the point that you are known to an extent you cannot even imagine. Every reactive scenario has been dissected to the cellular level and restrictive actions planned for each of them. Your are faced with the possibility of your extinction unless you can make a cosmic leap to a level of creative imagination that will completely nullify those plans. Have you not computers of your own? Can you not band into creative discussion groups and ask for entry into the mind of that which created you? "Where two or more of you are gathered together in my Name (within the focused desire for harmonious understanding), there am I also." Cries and begging to be relieved of the situation by God, or Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed will not do it. You have allowed this evil to descend upon you and so it is you, individually and collectively, that must take it upon yourselves to conceive this solution. A new consciousness change must take place within you. Not all of humanity will choose to participate. There will be some that will hide their heads in the blame and grovel in victimhood. So be it. Let them. You have no time to recruit among them, for what of creativity could they offer? This is a clarion call to the consciousness of those with the strength of character to stand up within their own conscious awareness and decide this situation shall not be allowed to continue to its planned completion. Even those who are in the midst of that abominable plan have no idea that the end is indeed to be annihilation. Unfortunately, it is not only planned to be annihilation of the people and the planer, but of realms beyond imagination. [it goes on and on into boring stuff, from now on I'll only post some interesting points made in the book, hehe yes I was planning on posting the whole book, 2-3 pages a day.. -=oD]
    Tuesday, July 30, 2002
    Handbook for the new Paradigm [all rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. This book, either in part or in whole, MAY BE reproduced, transmitted or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic, photographics or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writting from the Publisher. There are no restrictions except word changes and chagnes in the text are not allowed] A Personal Message for You This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual's thoughts the question of why me, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing. What really is going on behind the scenes we are aware of throgh the five senses? Why is there this feeling that there is more to the story than just appearances. Who indeed has set this up and is pulling the strings. Is it really just a group of somebodies that is in charge? If this is the case, then is the God thing really a hoax after all? There are those who believe that to be the true essence of the scenario. Fortunately for the good of all, that is not the Truth. The truth is that there are multiple levels of activity behind what appears to be a play of incredible magnitude. Who then is writing the lines for the characters and what is the point of the script? Would you be surprised to learn that you are writing the lines and until you can figure out a point to the script, there is none? If that is the case, then which of hte individuals on that has decided that they would like to put forth their point in the script. There is just one problem with this: they have decided to put forth a focus within the play that is to be performed upon. In fact, the plan this group has in mind has a great surprise at the end for the audience and the actors on the stage. They intend to destroy the audience, the actors, the stage and the theatre. Since the Creator of this theatre likes this particular theatre and thinks of it as a per project, this idea doesn't appeal to Him at all. Since He is not in the business of standing in the way of the creative presentations that are produced within its confines, then He is hoping that the audience will decide to make changes of their own. There is a type of presentation that involves participation of the audience other than just sitting and observing. The theatre entrepreneur is wondering whether if the play ybeing presented becomes obnoxious enough to the audience, will they simply walk away and withdraw their attention? This would then allow the cast and its directors to destroy themselves, but then the theatre owner does not want his property destroyed along with other solution. Perhaps there would be audience participation that would perhaps introduce some new characters that would create lines of script of their own. If a new story line could be introduced with characters that could change the ending, then the performance could be a comedy or a mystery or a love story rather than a tragedy. Maybe audience participation could indeed create a whole new genre of experience. Instead of depicting repetition of experiences already known, could the audience in the intensity of the desire change the story line, come up with a creative senario that would encompass possibilities not yet experienced? why not? The greater the desire for change, the greater the opportunity for creative new boundary-expanding story themes. Within the spontaneity of group focus, without the academic control of leadership with an intended purpose, conception outside of ordinary themes is not only possible, it is probable. To what purpose is this discussion being instigated? It is time that you awaken to your responsibility to change the (destination of the) path you are now being pushed to take. It is far past the stage leading you. It is at the stage of pusing you. It is at the stage where resistance cannot be successful; therefore you are going to have to accommplish this by some other means. A way must be literally created that will bring about a solution. nothing that you have done before will accomplish a change in this situation. [end of page 2]
    Wednesday, July 24, 2002
    THE END IS HEREEEEEEE "A preliminary orbit suggests that 2002 NT7 is on an impact course with Earth and could strike the planet on 1 February, 2019 - although the uncertainties are large." WE ALL DOOOMEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! [more info...] In a related news.. has an exciting new look. Featuring the latest science and spaceflight news, stunning astronomical photography, and the ongoing search for life beyond our home planet. Lots of interesting stuff on this well put together website - named after a mythical ten-legged bear - including a gallery 100 images taken from 300 miles up in space.
    Tuesday, July 23, 2002
    click, click, and some more click Yesterday, after work as I'm driving of the parking lot, I hear some noise, and pull over and check my tire to notice it's a flat. I figured I would drive very slowly with my blinkers on and pull up the Gas Station, which is around the block. So I get there and tried to put in air, yet no luck. It stayed flat and every time I put some air in, I heard this noise.. so I figured it was leaking air, I didn't notice anything then. So I said.. ok I can't change the tire here, I didn't have the right tool and my spare is in my trunk under my system. Not to mention that tire was old and needed to be replaced. (by the way, this is not regular tire, this is a performance low profile tire, on my 17 inch Konig Rims), so anyways I drove it slowly home and figured I would go home and change it to my original rims, which I did, in scorching hot, humid weather. When I took the rim off, the tire was all torn up. I think I'm jus going to put the rest of the original tire's back on for this year. Then next year get new tires and put the rims back on.
    Monday, July 22, 2002
    Blog to Cope With Alzheimer's Fog "You're never too old to start blogging -- and to stave off dementia. Seniors in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, with mild to moderate memory loss, are writing Web logs to help them make sense of their daily lives. And the activity, they say, is slowing the onset of their symptoms. "
    My 1st e-bay sale! So finally after a re-sell listing, my auction finally got a bid (actually 3 bids), and it has ended. I'm a bit excited and what not, this is great. I'm going to be selling all kinds of stuff. YaY, My weekend was ok, a bit tiring, because all I did was work, work, and more work. Went car shopping on Saturday for my GF; we got Acura 3.2 CL Type S. I'm happy I suppose as long as my GF's happy with the car. Sunday went out shopping for an Entertainment Center for the 53inch TV, and I spent all day Sunday building the EC, 12 midnight Sunday, we finally finished and it looked great. I might add picture of cars, and stuff if I take them.. and if I do.. that is if I upload them.. -=oP.. I know I've been saying I'll upload pictures, but I never get the chance to. This is unusual, but this past weekend, I didn't get on my computer at all, not even for a minute, that is very strange.
    Wednesday, July 17, 2002
    Warning!!! I got this in mail yesterday, and I thought I posted this yesterday, but I guess not. "Sad to see the world has come to this... HIV Warning A few weeks ago in a movie theatre in Melbourne person sat on something that was poking out of one of the seats. When she got up to see what it was she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying... "You have just been infected by HIV". The Disease Control Center in Melbourne reports many similar incidents have occurred in many other Australian cities recently. All tested needles ARE HIV Positive. The Center also reports that needles have been found in the cash dispensers in ATMs. We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with All publics chairs/seats should be inspected with vigilance and caution before use. 17 people have been tested positive in the Western suburbs alone in the last 2 months!!! A careful visual inspection should be enough." Scary, and I just went to watch "Reign of Fire" this past Sunday. -=ol
    Tuesday, July 16, 2002
    Personality Disorder Test

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    Monday, July 15, 2002
    Friday After work on Friday, I went home and packed for my trip to central Jersey, my cousin and I had decided to go to a desi party ("Desi" is a Hindi word meaning "countryman" or "people of the soil," desi refers to a broad, multicultural spectrum of South Asians -- Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and others - NAATA) We got there at around 11ish, which turned out pretty good, usually a fight breaks out and/or cops show up and closes the party. Although few lil fight's did break out and they were kicked out, but besides that it was good, music was good, good percentage of girls and guys and we left around 3ish. The next day went shopping and then go-karts Racing which was also fun, and then headed home. Sunday woke up rested and didn't do much all day, towards the evening decided to go watch "Reign of Fire", Negative things about the movie= bad story line, repetitive sequences, bit corny, etc Positive things about the movie= I would say only one thing, the Dragons. The dragons were awesome, that's the only time/part I was into the movie when they would show the dragon. All in all, I would rate the movie a 5, and suggest to wait till it comes out on video.
    Friday, July 12, 2002
    Immortality We live life once? Well I'm going to go on random babbling "again" on this particular subject, and try to make sense, at the same time explaining the thought that went through my head. The human body consists of many body parts, but which are the main part that we need for us to survive and which can be replaced? (I.e. My leg gets cut off in an accident, well that could be replaced? With surgery and what not, and I will continue to live a semi-normal life, in other words my life will not end) If we figure out the main parts in our body that keeps us alive (ofcourse the brain and the heart) then could it be possible to live forever? (I know it sounds sci-fi, but put a picture in your head), The human body, and its parts. (I'll need you to open up your mind in this one) From childhood till we die, that's "one life" and all the memory, and places gone to, seen, experienced, all that is packed inside our head, what happens to all that when we die? We can take those parts of the body and put them in a new body? Could/would/should that be possible? I'm not a scientist but it's just a thought, a possibility. I'm sure the mad scientist in their lab thought and pocked around this idea. The reason why this came across me is that, I always wondered from the beginning of human evolution, how did we come from that point to this point, and where are we headed. Just to live forever and know/understand everything would be mind boggling. (Seems I'm drifting of my subject) As I was saying, I believe that the main part of the human body is the Heart & Brain, (picture it as a computer [those of you who knows a bit about in/out of a computer], Harddrive & Memory, two most important part of a computer to operate). If we have a computer from the time we build it, and the "life" that it goes through (1-2 yr.? 4 yr. max?) when it gets old and want to upgrade and change everything out. What if we keep that harddrive which consist all of our data and software which can be upgraded into a new computer, which extends that harddrives "life" extensive for another 2-4 yr.? (It's just an example) So if we had the possibility to transfer the brain & heart (the reason why I included the heart is that I believe it's a very important part of human body, I dun0.. I think it just makes sense) in a body which can live for another lifetime, because basically your body is what dies, and your soul goes with it, because a soul needs a body to survive. Ok I think I got that out of my system, it was bothering me. Hope it make sense.
    Wednesday, July 10, 2002
    Do you know? Does anyone know the answer to this? I got this in e-mail while back and never figured it out, today I was going through my old mail and came across it, and still haven't figured it out. Leave your answer in the Commentary. I am the ruler of shovels I have a double I am as thin as a knife I have a wife What am I?
    Few words from my life (random babbling) Well you won't find anything exciting or amazing, but more of dull boring junks, which I feel I should write about. It's more of some problems or goals I'm trying to reach. Lately I have these things in my mind that I want to get done, or do.. and the list keeps adding up and I never finish doing what I want to do. I'll just roughly list few things that I kind of want to do. Work on my layout, play x-box, sit on the computer, sell stuff on e-bay, work on my car, play around with my Mac, Sketch/draw new thing (which I rarely do), play basketball, go camping, go to a party/club, mow the lawn, clean the room, etc (these are the thing that popped up in head at the moment, I'm sure there are more) Lately I would just go home and play x-box, which I'm really addicted to, and can't help it. It's different game everytime, where I can play with people all over the world. I think this is the most popular game played over the world (meaning there are 300-500 people on daily, each of those members can have anywhere from 1-4 players. In other words multiply 400(avg. #) by 2(avg. #) 800 people playing this game at the same time from their home, and who knows how many others are playing who doesn't have access to play over the net. For those of you who do not know what this game is let me explain. Its called HALO, I play it on x-box, through my computer. There is a software called GameSpy, which you download and load it on you computer, you have to connect your computer and your x-box to the hub (or which ever way you can connect both at the same time on the net), and you talk to people (all over the world, mostly US and Europe, Canada, etc). Not to mention most of the people I play with are either my age or older, and some younger. You would think all the lil kids played the game, but I found out that there are adults and couples playing this game. I'm so addicted, I'm blogging about it…-=o/ "In Halo, you assume the role of an armored cyborg scouring the surface of a gigantic alien artifact- a habitable ring in space 10,000 miles in diameter. The artifact contains alien weaponry and technology that you can use to help save the human race from extinction at the hands of the Covenant, an intermingling of three different alien species bent on preventing mankind's conquest of space." Ok I'll change the subject… As I blogged before, (that is if you read my blog) then you would know (read) about my trip to the beach. Well I took some pic and I noticed my self, I look so out of shape, I walked on the beach as if I was buffed, as if I was David HasselHOFF (hehehe). Once I saw my pics, I was like wtf was I thinking. So I decided to get in shape, and I've been working out for the past 3 days.. I'm just afraid.. I'll quit and say f-it.. and not do nething and go back to being "out of shape". I plan to give it my 110%, and see if I can get a nice cut, I should of have started earlier, all in all… never too late for anything. So if in the future about 2 months from now, I'll post the difference.. the pic I took at the beach and my goal to get in shape pic. I've been working out so often, my abs are hurting… only thing that's bothering me is my gut, I sat on it too long and haven't worked out in such a long time. i figured if i didn't work out and ate alot i would gain weight.. instead all the weight ended up in my belly.. -=ol.. oh well i guess i'll just have to work with it... I think that's enough random babbling for today…..
    Monday, July 08, 2002
    Back to work Wednesday after work went home, chilled out with people who arrived early for the BBQ, stayed up till like 3am, woke up around 11ish on Thursday, started the BBQ around 3ish, chilled out most of the day, watched Vanilla Sky's and went to bed. Woke up early on Friday around 8ish.. got ready and went to the beach "Ocean City Beach", it was about an 1hour drive, and it took us 2 hours to finally get through the traffic and find a parking spot. It was around 2ish went in the water, it was great. I hadn't been to a beach in 6-8 years. It felt good; it was fun, and great feeling to be out in the ocean away from everything. It felt really good when I swam out in the ocean farthest from rest of the people, and just to laid on my body board and relaxed.. Since we all had such a good time we decided to go back, so far we might go back somewhere around in August, who knows maybe even before that if the opportunity is right. I still have to go Camping, but compared to the beach I think I would go to the beach. Also it's only fun if your with atleast 3-4+ people, it wouldn't be fun if your either alone or with another person.. I just think it would be more fun with lots of people. [I might post the pic's later if I get a chance]. Saturday and Sunday just stayed home and relaxed, all in all a great weekend,.. 4th of July weekend well spent..-=oD…
    Wednesday, July 03, 2002
    [Note: I might not get a chance to update until next week so it’s a long post] I Quit Yes, I quit my 2nd Part-time Job, yesterday. I didn't even go in, actually let me start from the beginning. I called out last Saturday, and I wasn't scheduled all this week, until next Saturday (as if they were using me only on Sat to do their dirty work), anyway So I called them over the phone yesterday and told them I can't take this job anymore, its too stressful and its wearing me out, (recently I've been lacking sleep, I don't know if it’s the job, heat, etc) but I wake up late every morning and over sleep and then rush in the morning to come to work. I don't like all that stress, and rushing; I would like my life to be nice, easy and slow. So I called and explained my situation and they said ok, we'd take care of it. It was easier then I thought. Work related Injury Well I was working Last Friday (June 28th) everything was going fine, until right before when we were closing, I was finishing up work; and when I was in the back (stockroom) I notice some water on the floor that might have seep through the service area (where they fix cars/garage); and so then I'm outside again on the floor; and I see this guy holding a napkin in his eye, and as he moved the napkin I noticed a reddish/pinkish eye, but I didn't pay much attention I figured he got a lil hurt, or contacts, or just a pink eye. Just then I see some people from work leaving, I'm like "great I'm gonna get stuck here working late." Few more minutes later, one of the other guy tell my Manager, isn't there Glasses to wear while operating Batteries, and that's when it hit me, so I asked. Wait something happened to that guy that was just in here. He is like ya, he got ACID in his eye, I was like WTF…. And he was in rush to get out of there too, so he left, and It was me and my Manager; and then my manager told me to stick around cuz he was going to check in the service area, as he was walking out he explained to me, he is like he should of wore protective eye wear, not have thrown the battery, and the fact that he was here less then 90 day the company won't do anything either. (This kid who got acid in his eye was only about 17-19 yr. of age) at this time I felt so bad for this kid, and that he was rushing to go home and threw a battery down and the acid flew in to his eye (what are the possibilities). So then my manager was like hopefully he ran water through his eye or the acid will eat up his cornea and he could go blind. Later I found out the people who rushed out of work, took the kid to the hospital and we had to stick around to see if someone left something there, and then I finally went home around 10:30. That was the last day I worked at Pepboys. Not to mention I handled batteries everyday there (when customer's drop off old batteries for core (core=old batteries that we send back) those are the bad acid leaking ones). 4 day weekend Today is my last day at work for this week at my full time job. I'm a bit excited and looking forward to 4th of July and the long weekend. We decided just to do a BBQ and find something as it comes along, maybe water gun/sprinkler/water balloon/etc fight in the back yard ought to keep us cool. That is if we can't find a swimming pool to do cool in. So last night we went food shopping we got the following -- Veggies Burgers (3 kind- potato, spicy black bean, and regular veggies burgers, veggies buffalo wing, veggies chic nuggets, and veggies chicken patties) we still have to get Veggie hot dogs, and I got a BBQ grill, and everything else along with it. I will post pic later on. Speaking of which my next update will probably be next week, unless I get a change in between the "4 day weekend". That is all for now…
    Tuesday, July 02, 2002
    Toy store=Day care center? "Once or twice a week, employees come across children who have been left at the store, sometimes for hours at a time, while their parents run other errands. They get no warning and the kids aren't supervised. " [via Full TP]
    Monday, July 01, 2002
    My 1st E-bay Auction So I decided to sell some stuff, and make some room, ok who am I kidding, I wanna get rid of some of the junk, at the same time get money for it. Mohahaha.. the sad part is that no one placed a bid on my auction. -=o[... hopefully some sucker buys it.. Hahahaha.. well it's a controller, and in good shape.. we paid $30 something for it, and selling it for $10, I think that's a good deal.. hopefully it will sell, that will convince me to sell more of "my treasures" on e-bay. -=o] 3 day week Yay, I only work Mon, Tues, & Wed. I have Thurs & Fri off, Which means I have 4-day weekend. Although I am working on sat, but I plan on quitting my PT job and not sure if I should go in, Not sure yet. Speaking of 3 day week... 4th of July I'm trying to get something together for the coming week, my cousin's coming over wed night, and we decided on 3 things (we'll be able to do only 1 thing). They are Beach, Party, BBQ; Beach - Can't too much traffic, too far, though I would love to go to the beach. Party - we decided to go to one, but it turns out that there is one the following week and we know where it is, so that's postponed till next week. BBQ- This we will definitely do, as soon as we find a BBQ Grill. We'll have veggies... all veggies.. Includes the following. (this may shock some of you) Veggies burger (u know this), Veggies hot dogs (what they made those), Veggies chicken patties (hmm interesting), Steaks (wtf). Yup they are all 100% veggies, no animal. Maybe dairy product but doesn't involve any killing.. -=o]. and since we can't go to the beach we might just try to go swimming in a nearby pool.