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    Thursday, September 19, 2002
    Wednesday - A long day I don't think I have mentioned my schedule for Wednesday, which is the day where I have 3 classes, 1 of which is at a different campus. If you've read my blogs or have an idea of me, you know that I work M-F 8-5, well on Wednesday I leave my work at 1:30 to make it to my class by 2pm (Multimedia Tech I), which is located in Cherry Hill Campus, its approx. 15-20mins away. So that class ends around 4pm, so then I drive to another campus, which is about 20-25mins away; this is located in Blackwood. There my class starts at 5:20-7:50 (Spanish II) and then my 3rd class starts at 8-10:30pm (Stress Management). I get home around 10:30 (if I'm lucky and the class ends early) or its usually around 11pm, get home eat and go to bed by 12ish. (Yesterday my 2nd class (Spanish II) was canceled and I had to wait around for my 3rd class) Sleeping disorder log #3 Another night where my sleep was interrupted, this was exactly at 4:25am. I made sure I saw the exact time at which time I got up (so that I can log it) and I drank some water and went back to bed.
    Wednesday, September 18, 2002
    Strange Incident in the middle of the night This was very strange; I haven't quite figured it out what and how it happened but here it goes. Went to bed like any normal nights, woke up in the middle of the night, trying to struggle my head on to the pillow, but my pillow wasn't there I ended up shifting my head on to my girlfriend's pillow. At this time my eyes were closed and my head's picturing the incident, my brain is telling me that my pillow is missing. While 1/2 of my head is on my girlfriend's pillow I open my eyes to see where my pillow is, and I happen to see a paper bag (gap bag) with 2 gifts in it. (no its not my birthday, and this was in the middle of the night), That bag was beside the bed, when I went to bed, and the bag was on the bed around 2-3am. I just freaked out and elbowed my girlfriend, keeping my eyes on the bag. I said wtf is that, or what is it doing on the bed, in the darkness I gazed in the room to see if anyone was there, it felt strange, weird, confused, scared all at the same time. Then I leaned over and saw my pillow on the floor, so I picked up the pillow and placed the bag back on the floor. For the next 5-10 minutes I couldn't fall back to sleep, I kept looking around in the room, and saw shadows and my mind was trying to make images/figures out of them and I brought my mind back to reality, "Ok I'm in my room and there is no one here go to sleep think about it in the morning", and some how I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I didn't really think about the "incident", but when I was almost ready my girlfriend asked me as to what happened last night and why the shopping bag with 2 gift was on the bed. (that bag is for my girlfriend's niece, for her birthday, which we're taking to NY this weekend) So I went back to the bed and tried to see/figure out what might have happened. My theory is that I accidentally either threw or misplaced my pillow in the middle of the night on the floor which would be right next to the bed. In my sleep or unconsciousness I accidentally picked up the bag and placed it on the bed as my pillow. Lets recap my sleeping habit from my childhood, when I was about the age of 6-8; I used to sleep walk (this was back in India), and at the time I was staying with my aunt. What happened then was, I would wake up in the middle of the night and walk up to the door which was closed in the room, and I would try to open the lock on the door backward and make noise, then my aunt would wake up and put me back to sleep, well I was 6-8yrs old. After "blogging" this so far, I just realized something, since at that time my mom and my brother and my dad were in another city and I was staying with my aunt with my sisters. I've come to realize that maybe my sleeping disorder might have something to do with the unbalance in my family, or when one or more of my family member is away from home. If you've read my last blog I talked bout my sleeping disorder as well, where I wake up in the middle of the night around 4-5am everyday for no apparent reason. My mom and my brother took a trip to India this past month, my mom returned back from her trip last week, my brother is still in India, would this have something to do with my sleeping in some strange way? I'm not exactly sure, but I will continue to examine my sleeping habits and what not. I thought this would be a small summary of my "incident" but it turned into a log ass blog. Hopefully it makes sense reading it.
    Friday, September 06, 2002
    I can't think of anything for the Title I've been feeling weird lately, strange days... and for the past week or so. I've been waking up at 4am, 5am, or 6am, every morning. Today I woke up at 6am, and I hate waking up in the morning and then trying to go back to sleep. I'm not sure what's going on, I won't "stress" about it. Speaking of stress, I suppose I haven't mentioned my class for this semester. This semester I'm taking four classes, which are Multimedia Tech I, Spanish II, Stress Management, and Computer Animation. Well after being in my Stress Management class 2 times, I feel as if it's some how the class/Prof. is influencing me. I'm not too sure what and why, but hopefully it will come around. For example, I used to rush If/When I would be getting late, but I've noticed it doesn't make a different if I rush my mind/body; I'll get there when I get there, why stress about it. Well that's just one example and there are few others that are pretty interesting. So far I'm not disliking any of my class they're all interesting and educational. Don't have any plans for the weekend, probably just the usual, nothing big.
    Tuesday, September 03, 2002
    I can still feel the alcohol flowing through my body! My weekend, started off with Friday (at the moment I can't remember Friday) Saturday, woke up early (10:30am), because I wanted to watch X-Men (cartoon on WB), but the new season doesn't start for another two weeks. Let me cut to the chase… I have lot of things to do and my Homework from last week. Saturday night was fun went gambling with other family members, it was the night of Krishna's birthday celebration. Its an old tradition we've been celebrating where that night we all stay up and gamble and play cards, and gamble some change (pennies, nickel, dimes, & quarters) we played nickel a game.. The highest game played was $5 game. Which I stayed away from. Sunday didn't really do anything, stayed home, help my dad with the bathroom he is building from scratch.. in the basement. Monday (Labor Day) went to a friends BBQ, started at 1, I called at 2pm and asked when it was starting, that was pretty dumb.. Had lots of fun.. drank a lot.. had 2 coronas and 6 shots, 3 of which were 99 banana's (99% proof), I was piss drunk and had a great buzz… ended the night around 11ish, and to avoid a hangover I would have to drink lots of water, which I did through out the night and woke up just fine, yet I can still feel the alcohol flowing through my body.