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    Friday, February 22, 2002
    Photo Update: Thanks to, I was finally convinced to get a new FTP to upload my pix. I kept trying with my old one and it didn't work, so I downloaded a new one and walla. Please note, these roses are from Valentine Day and I took the pix and they came out different than normal. They almost look Cartoony.
    Open blog: Well I started at Campbell; it’s not bad. For some reason it reminds me of my position in NY. Only difference is that my desk is opposite of what it was in NY, now and then I get this de-ja-voo flashes, where it feel like I don’t know where I am, almost as if I’m in NY again, it’s a weird feeling. But enough of that, so I said I would blog again on Tuesday and I didn’t feel like it. Well its 4:30 I want to go home, and I kind of don’t have anything to do, so I’m just waiting to go home, so I decided to blog. So Friday, We went to happy hour after work. It was good, well after few drinks it was great. I started off with a Tequila Shot and a Corona. My co-worker bought it for me, then after I finished my Corona, I was given another tequila shot, and another Corona, by now some stranger at the bar knew about my departure from my job and everything so after I finished my 2nd shot & 2nd Corona, I was given another Tequila shot. Now keep in mind I’m a light drinker, and 3 different people got me 3 shots, so that was total of 3 shots and 2 Coronas. By this time I’m buzzed, and then after few minutes later, I decide to go up to the bar and get my self-another Corona. While I’m waiting for the bartender, this guy at the bar looks at me (drunk), hey your jay right, um like yup (hiccup); he is like what are you doing? I’m like getting myself a drink, he is like what? Its your day, you shouldn’t be buying, get your friends/co-workers to get it for you, and as my Corona arrives he tells the bartender “Put this one on my tab, I got this one” I look at him, um like are you sure, he is like “ya I’m sure drink up” so that one was on the “guy at the bar”, by now I have the munchies. So we head over to the Chinese place, right down the street (I wasn’t driving) or I wouldn’t be here bloggon. So we get to the Chinese place and you know how its in there, behind the counter, they’re screaming and yelling and placing order, (that’s how they normally talk) so I walk in, um like why is it so loud in here, all loud, and then I take a seat, every time they yelled (talk) behind the counter, I would be loud and say “please, stop yelling,” & turn over to the person next to me and say “why are they yelling? Tell them to stop!” after we ate (pigged out) we went to Top Dogs, very early. We get to Top Dogs, and its practically empty, I was like ok, I never been here this early. So we walk around and go upstairs and just browse the place, it’s about 9:30-10ish, and the place doesn’t get packed till 11-12, so we’re just chilling, we played pool. So I’m playing pool and I’m cleaning up the table, I took all my balls out and I’m going for the 8 ball, the other guys has like 3-5 more balls left, and I wacked the 8 ball, and scratch (lost). So I set out the next game, and just watched, and then we went upstairs, where it was starting get packed, and I bought my self another Corona, because my buzz was wearing off, and if was gonna get on the dance floor, I need to be amped, with alki (alcohol). This turned out to be a big blog, will continue tomorrow: Blog pause: 5:00pm Blog un-paused: 8:17am Well lets see, let me just make this short. I danced for a while and then left a bit early then usually, I did have a long day. As soon as I got in the car, I kind of passed out. Well not really passed out, but jus laid in the car, I couldn’t move. Woke up Saturday, went to central Jersey in the afternoonish, and then headed over to my aunts house in central and meet up with my cousin, who I haven’t seen in long time. Went back to South jersey on Sunday, and didn’t really do much had Monday off, “President’s Day”. I did have class that evening, and I was sure we did because I had a quiz in Spanish. I felt really bad, while taking the quiz, I thought it was fare enough what was on the quiz, and ofcourse me, I didn’t study, yet I still knew half the stuff or more. While the other student’s complained how hard it was and how we didn’t cover the 1(uno), 2(dos), 3(tres), etc. I’m sitting there and my Prof.(hot chick), who is still trying to get used to teaching in America. I think she said this was her 1st year teaching in America, and she is originally from Spain. I felt bad as some of the classmates made complaints & comments. I saw the expression on her face, as she felt bad and was not sure what she was doing. Ofcouse I didn’t say anything and went on and took the quiz, got home late as usual, I had to go to work in the morning. My 1st day at Campbell, so I get to work at 8am, and I wait in the front desk till 9am, I finally get signed in and I’m told my computer isn’t ready I can really do much, and so went home. So technically my 1st day was Wednesday. Today is Friday, and it doesn’t seem so bad, I just have to get used to it. End of blog.
    Thursday, February 21, 2002
    Friday, February 15, 2002
    Well, its my last day here at Aetna. We ( Co-worker & I) decided to go to our last Happy Hour, and then maybe if we're still walking & talking, and some designated drivers go to Top Dogs (club). Everyone's saying I better get wasted and some might buy me shots. ( as I was finishing this sentence, one my Co-worker just came and patted me in the back, and she said "today's your last day.. all ready and stuff", "ready for some tequila shots") They asked me early this week what I drank.. I happen to mention I take it straight from the bottle, Tequila. So now today I'm gonna have to prove my self. Ahhh the pressure. I know I'm going to get pressured into taking stuff I might not want to, hehz.. this should be fun, and after I get wasted, I will be very loud and do & say embarrassing things. Hopefully I control myself, and don't let things get out of control; All and all it should be a fun night. Then this weekend I'm going to central jersey again, and coming back Sunday so that's gonna be my weekend. I don't think I'll get to update anything, I took some pic, but I don't know when I'm gonna get a chance to update them. When I get a chance, and then Monday I have class, and so I'm shooting for Tuesday for my next big update, and that's not a promise.
    Thursday, February 14, 2002
    Happy Valentine's Day Send someone a E-card Sugarqube end of blog.
    Wednesday, February 13, 2002
    Well I got home yesterday, and cleaned up the room, and sat on the computer listening to music. I want new good (techno, trance, house, rave, etc) mp3s. I didn't have much luck, just deleted my old ones, and surfed the web. This is one interesting site: ajayonline (rated x) Preetika WebSlice check out your daily horoscope Stayed online till like 8ish, and then played pool and ate dinner and watched TV, and played some more pool. Notice in my daily routine, I will never mention Homework or Study. Because I never do that, which I should do especially for my World Civ Class, maybe I'll try to add that in future blog, after I do some homework or studying. Went to bed late 12ish, 6:30am Woke up early and got ready, because I had to go for a drug test, for my new job. 7:30am Left the house had to go to 2 different place, it happens they changed the place where I usually get my testing done. 8:07am get to the place where I get test done 8:45am get to work (45 min late) 8:50am Made breakfast 9:15am Ate breakfast (English muffin double toasted w/butter & chocolate milk) 9:16am started the blog while eating my breakfast 9:20am Finished breakfast, still blogging. 10:00am I don't have anything else to blog. 11:04am End of blog
    Tuesday, February 12, 2002
    8:27am Well I got to work and I wanted to blog, but I was hungry and so I'm leaving from this part to go in the kitchen and make my breakfast, see ya in few. 8:46am Ok, so ate my breakfast. Had class last night was running late so I had to bring my breakfast to work. Well so far, I like my Spanish class, its fun and everything, last week we played Spanish Hang Man, and this week we played another game. Where you choose points (i.e. 10, 20, 50) and each point(cardboard cutout) has a question in the back and if you answer the question you get the point..if u don't the next team gets a chance to answer it and if they do, they get half the point of the original point. I hope that makes sense. Here's some Spanish I learned so far: Crap... my keyboard isn't Spanish so I won't be able to type in Spanish. Sorry. 9:32am Ok, I have some work, and I'm trying to work and blog at the same time, I think I'm going to end it here for now and if I have some time and if I'm in the mood I'll blog some more later.
    Monday, February 11, 2002
    I know I haven't blogged in a while now, here are some excuses I have came up with in the meantime. 1. school started 2. I'm switching jobs 3. I was sick all last week I think that should be good enough, I have 3 good excuses. Well the last time I blogged was last Monday, and I'm doing this again this Monday, maybe I should update my page once a week? not that anyone come here and read this crap anyway. Maybe that's not such a bad idea, since school started and all, even though I only have class only on 1 day (Monday) which is the day I blog, which is even more strange. Also I'm switching Jobs. My last day here at Aetna is Feb 15th, and I'm switching over to Campbell Soup Company (in the IT Dept). Not that any of this has anything to do with my blogging and I don't know why I'm trying to relate this to blogging, but I think it makes sense. No? Well like I said, last week sucked cuz I was sick, and this week I'm feeling much better, so hopefully I won't have a shitty week.
    Monday, February 04, 2002
    Long weekend, Friday after work went to central jersey, came back Saturday evening and didn't really do anything, except played pool and Sunday woke up and went to a Superbowl Party. We got there around 2ish, and then we played some football & basketball. I knew at the moment when were playing I said to my self, I'm really gonna hurt tomorrow morning. Well and now I'm paying for it, My whole body is sore, because I haven't played any sport in a while, and that is because I recently had knee surgery, and it seems my knee is doing good, actually come to think of it, I didn't even feel as if I had surgery done. That was in November 01, I took some pic to post; I won't be able to get to that till probably tomorrow evening, because I have my classes tonight, and I'm really tired. Ahhhhhhh.. I hate this crap.