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    Wednesday, January 30, 2002
    I haven't been able to update for a while now, due to some technical problems I'm having, trying to update the new layout. Hopefully I'll get it to work soon. Well the thing is, it works fine at home, but it doesn't work at my work, maybe due to some restriction I may have accessing my website, I can't see the Update blog & the Photo window. At home, I can see them, so its strange, I don't know, I'll have to look into it. Had my 1st class on Monday, pretty hot Spanish Prof. (with a sexy accent) for my Spanish class. I also have World Civ II, hopefully the Prof. keeps her word, by saying she'll try to keep the class interesting. I'll have to work hard this semester, cuz I want to keep my grades up and everything. Sad part to the semester is I have no computer graphic classes, the classes I need aren't available during the evening. I work M-F 8-4:30, and so I can only take evening classes, and it sucks, that I can't take the classes I need, but in a way I guess it works out, because I'm getting this requirement course out of the way. Also notice the pic I updated, I will add more. They will be randomly added, and weekly quotes.
    Friday, January 25, 2002
    Thank god it's Friday, I used the term god. hmmmmm can ANYONE tell me who I am thanking? he/she? name? etc...(please e-mail me and tell me) Well I grew up in this world, knowing what I know, but what is the real truth, what is the answer to life. I am sure everyone ponders these question, I'm not bothering with this again. ok so today after work, I would like to go home and work on the new layout and finish up before the weekend ends, and Monday is the 1st day of class, which I'm looking forward to; for the time being.
    I had something going on last night, meaning had something put together. The "changes" and "addition" I wanted to make, well they're on their way and I didn't go play Table Tennis, but I still woke up tired and late. Here's a peek. I'm keeping it short today, not in the mood rite now, maybe later. In the mean below... Do you know? The most powerful word? Well, shit... Shit may just be the most powerful word in the English language. You can be shit faced, shit out of luck, or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit or decide to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit and die. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, crazy shits, and sweet shits. There is bull shit, chicken shit. and horse shit You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, or duck when shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a lot of weird shit. You can carry shit, have a mountain of shit, or find yourself up shit creek without a paddle. Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit and other times you swim in a lake of shit and come out smelling like a rose. When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the basic building block of creation. And remember, once you know your shit, you don't need to know anything else!
    Thursday, January 24, 2002
    More update on what's to come, the coming of the changes on layout and addition. Changes: navbar= too big, it jus doesn't look ryte blog screen=smaller Addition: About me= box with my info Quote of the week= weekly quotes I want to add a commentary system, but it appears I won't be able to, because the server I'm on doesn't support and stuff. I may find another way... I started using my Digital Cam, Bought on E-bay right before Halloween. So I figured I would use it on Halloween, because we were going to a party and everyone was dressed up (I was a hippie from the 70's). Then the quality of the pic, just killed my mood to take anymore pic with that cam. Till last night, I took some snap shots, and they came ok. Only when the pic is taken right, the pic comes out right. Well so I carried it around today, and snapped some pic, I'll have to see how they came out. That reminds me my other addition. box with pic updates and lil explanation. well hopefully today and tomorrow, and this weekend I'll have this stuff done.
    I wanted to get few things done last night, but I didn't get a chance to. Well the reason being is that my grandparents returned from India, and we had a family gathering. Then after that around 7ish I went to play Table Tennis, and didn't win a game, and I had to put my foot down yesterday. Told my bother & cousin (who I happen to play Table Tennis with) not to include me/call me to play table tennis and how I was complaining how I had stuff to do (update my page). When I got home around 10ish, I did manage to render 4 images, which I never had finished/ or finished rendering. Well they have been updated on the Art page. Subject: Human I wanted to ramble on this subject, and point out our(humans) bad quality and stuff. We are strange, very strange. Ever noticed how we talk so much? I was playing Table Tennis and I kept talking n rambling unimportant stuff, comments.. etc. I have a theory, its maybe because we think constantly. The more we think the more we speak our mind. I said to my self last night, wow. do people(humans) talk a lot. As I'm writing this I notice, I'm referring "us" as "humans" as if I'm from another planet. (just thought I would share my thought) there I go again talking more crap again. Well I may speak my mind on here a lot, but I'm going to cut down on talking crap out loud, saying stuff I shouldn't be saying and thinking twice before I say stuff. Which I thought I was handling pretty good, but I guess not. Quote of the day- "If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then why do people talk so much?"
    Wednesday, January 23, 2002
    Warning!!!- very long and very interesting blog. Well, works been slow, so I figured I would blog again. UFO's are they among us? Ok, most of us know the story behind UFOs and specials we see on television. Well where is the hardcore proof? I.e. why don't we ever see on news UFO crashed in some building or for anywhere in this matter? Why don't we ever see UFOs news on television? There have been specials on television on UFO's, such as Alien Autopsy, Flying Saucers, Alien Abduction, etc. Now if you look at all these, there is only some what of an evidence. None of these have hardcore evidence that would prove that ok this person has seen a UFO/Alien/been Abducted. Well you get the idea. Flyingsaucers101the best introductory book on Flying Saucers, UFOs and Aliens ever written. Finally told in a way that makes sense. WE ARE NOT ALONE… and never have been! If you think you’ve heard it all, you’re in for a surprise. Another problem to "this" would be the Government/NASA, many people believe that government tries to hide and cover up most of the UFO phenomena? Why? Why would they keep this from us? Are we not ready? Out break of riots? From what I have seen and know/learned about UFO's, well I would try to watch every specials of all UFO's show as I could, and recently they have been on the down low from the media. They were popular in the mid through the late 90's, but UFO's have been around for decades, 100's of years. Even if you read up on old ancient books they talk about flying stars, fireballs, unexplained flying objects. (Some can be shooting stars, etc) Perhaps it is simply inconceivable to us as human beings that we might be alone in this vast, incomprehensibly overwhelming universe. Maybe we require something more than a belief in a superior being to feel comfortable living on a speck in the middle of forever . . . maybe we have to have conviction that "we are not alone." (This would relate to my theory on god-Archives (Ahhh.. wtf I dun0 what happened to my Archives They're gone.. oh well.) Or maybe -- must maybe -- They're really out there! The term "UFO" is part of the lexicon of the modern language, worldwide. Before the 1950's the term didn't exist. But sightings of unidentified flying objects are older than modern civilization and are well documented in ancient texts and even on cave walls. Descriptions are often eerily familiar to us, and the mystery only deepens the further back you look. Have we been under careful study for thousands of years? Are we a lab specimen hanging in the solar system, the class project of some vastly superior alien race? continue... Well it’s almost time to go home...
    Once again I will be changing the layout, only because I get bored with it. Not much big of a different, well actually I want to add few things and re-arrange stuff. I'll have to work on that. Classes start this week, but I don't have my 1st class till the 28th. This should be interesting. Am I the only one, or do "students" look forward to the 1st day, new people, something new, haven't been to sho0l in a while, its a bit exciting, well at least for me. But once through the semester, it'll get annoying, boring & maybe hard. Oh well, we'll see. Well I'll admit this every blog, but I went to play Table Tennis AGAIN. For some reason I went early yesterday, I don't know why, maybe because my horoscope said I would play something "activity or sport" and would win. Well I did win 2 games, but I lost more than I won, so I don't know if my horoscope was right, I guess in a way it was, because usually I don't win any games. ok so its obvious I suck at it, and I don't usually win and I still am addicted to it and I try to play it everyday. ok so I know its sad, but I won 2 games yesterday so I get some credit, maybe I'm getting better. That's it for now, I'll try to update, add, & rearrange stuff as soon as possible.
    Tuesday, January 22, 2002
    If you haven't noticed already, but I only blog over the weekdays, ( I don't know if I said that already). The weekend was not bad, ofcourse I had an extra day off ( Monday= Martin Luther King Jr. Day). I'm sure everyone knows about him, if you don't go read up on him. Here let me help you, here are two links one with some info on him and the famous speech (I have a dream). Well actually the weekend started out good, because Friday, I got some software for my Mac. Saturday went to Philadelphia to some restaurant, for cricket ceremony. I used to play cricket after going to 2-3 practice I stopped, because I didn't have time and it was too much hassle( honestly I just sucked at it, cuz I haven't played it since I was like 8-9, and I know I didn't have any skills back then) So I basically never played it, I guess. To make the long story short, I figured they invited me to the "cricket ceremony" because I was the 1st quitter. hehz... No that's not why, but it was ok, long trip snowed all the way there, and back. Then I was suppose to drive up to North Jersey, but didn't cuz of the bad weather, and played pool, and went to play table tennis. So Sunday, drove up to North Jersey, got back Monday, and I figured since I had some programs for my Mac, I would do something as soon as I got on, I started playing with music. I took all my mp3 from PC to Mac ( with speakers) so I know which one to keep and which one to delete. I have about 300+ mp3, and I wanted to make some room on the PC, and get rid of alot of junk. But I never got finished, only moved the mp3's to Mac. I'll have to adjust them and make few more CDs. After getting annoyed with the mp3 and listening to them, I went to play table tennis AGAIN. I think that's the end of the long weekend.
    Thursday, January 17, 2002
    I don't have much to say today, I'm kind of not in the mood to blog, but I will share something I did last night; something "different". As far as I can remember I had long hair, especially in Houston Texas. It was the time and I had a mullet (mullet= consists of regular hair in the front and longer in the back). Well I didn't have a mullet, but I had it in middle school. Then in high school I got into the fade scene, on so forth. Till yesterday, I had a fade, and last night that changed. I shaved my head, not to the skin, but more like Army/Marine cut. Here are some interesting site on hair & hair cut. Enjoy! Shaved head- everyone's doing it. Different hair styles - weird neat gadgets and stuff (not a hair related link)
    Wednesday, January 16, 2002
    So last night, I think I got something together. I will link that later on the blog. Today I woke up 20 minutes prior to when I leave my house for werk, sometimes I just amaze my self as to how fast I can get things done, they can be choppy, but it gets done. My alarm is set for 6:50 & 7:00am (dual alarm clock), I wake up at 7:40, obviously I over slept, and I was out of the house by 8:00, latest 8:05, and flew to werk in my car. point of all this is that, I went to play Table Tennis last night "AGAIN", and I have that to blame for over sleeping. I guess I get extremely exhausted, so I said to my self, "ok that's it I'm not going on weekdays, maybe only on weekends". I have to see and fight the temptation. I want to add more art on the art page, because I notice I have so much art junk laying in my room & on my computer, that I never thought about putting it up on the page. Its mostly school werk, but still its art. So I don't know when I'll get a chance to do that. As I mention in the beginning, "I will link later" Well its that time, "its later" So here's the link. ( well ok its not really a link but I just updated something on the Other Page. I knew I would have something extra to post that's why I made that Other Page. So I think I might just post my layout ideas, because I get one every day and I sketch them on paper, and I have saved few, I might just scan those and put em up.
    Tuesday, January 15, 2002
    Yesterday I didn't get a chance to really work on "the project", well I played with it for about 45min to an hr, and then decided to go and play Table Tennis. I've been going for the past three nights to play Table Tennis, and its really tiring. Today I couldn't wake up to come to work, my legs are killing me and I was just exhausted. If that wasn't bad enough, I had a really bad nightmare. This is no ordinary nightmare, this was a personal attack. Ok so in my nightmare, I'm sleeping ( pretty weird huh, maybe that's why it seem so real) and I hear this big bang, but I don't bother and I went back to sleep. Then when I woke up, I came outside and walked toward my car, and the whole passenger side was busted, (i.e. if my car is vertical, and a car hits me horizontal) so I say to my self, that was the big bang I heard (while I was sleeping), By now I'm thinking ok so someone did a hit and run on my car. If that wasn't bad enough, this is where it gets interesting. Then I look in the car, and my stereo is gone, I'm like wtf. That's when I start looking around my car and noticed I had been robbed. For some reason I also checked under the hood, and my Intake and my turbo kit was gone, ( I think in my "nightmare/dream" my car had more stuff then what I really have). So then I wake up sweating, or maybe it was just to hot in the room. When I was laying in the bed, I had this sad feeling knowing my car was trashed and robbed. You know how sometimes you forget, and then you realize ok it was only a dream, my car is still parked outside and its not trashed nor robbed. The End. Today I might be getting some software for my Mac(Power Mac G4, w/ Flat Panel Display); by the way I got a Mac for Christmas/B-day from my girl cuz they're both right around the corner. I have nothing on the Mac, I've had for about almost 3 weeks, and I haven't done a thing. Hopefully I'll get some goodies and werk on there. -back to werk.
    Monday, January 14, 2002
    Didn't get a change to blog during the weekend, also I'm bombarded at work, so I wasn't able to do blog till the last minute. I'll keep this short, working on a new project ( of course for the site) another reason why I might cut down on the blog, not that its relevant to it. See I blog from werk, and at werk I don't work on my site, because I dun have my programs. Which I work on from home, so you see I'm just making up excuses not to blog. anyway, about 35 min left before I go home, so let me finish up werk and I might be werkin on "the project" when I get home. Send a E-card to someone fer phree
    Friday, January 11, 2002
    Ok, so my page is up earlier than I thought. Its a bit different, and its not all up, its partially up. I still have a lot to add & change stuff around. I have noticed that all the links on my "Link page" are not working and I will have to fix that. Art- I want to get all of my art work, the one on my computer and other art I have laying around in my room (I have to wait till I get that stuff scanned). Sales- I have to gather up stuff I want to put up for sale, this might take a while, I want samples & examples. Other- Here I want to add random stuff, anything and as I said earlier everything. if you have any suggestion or comment please E-mail me.
    Thursday, January 10, 2002
    Due to blog's set back, my last update did not make it on time, its a day behind. This should be back to normal, as you can see there isn't much different between the last blog and this blog ( the time different). Well so finally I think I figured out what I'm gonna do and change, it'll be a long project and it'll take some time to get all together, but I think I have it all figured out. I only have few more days before I go back to sko0l and won't have any time to update blog or even werk on my page. Hopefully I'll get most of the part done before my sko0l starts, and if not; I hope I have time to werk on it once my sko0l starts. Also note my navbar isn't working and this page takes forever to load due to the fact that I have added sound, but I might change that to my previous page so at least I have something working on my page. Here are some links you can check out. RNAG.NET - Peace Daily & Weekly Horoscope Simply Imports
    Wednesday, January 09, 2002
    Ok, so I tried to do something new last night. As you can see it didn't turn out the way I wanted to. First off, I didn't upload the *.swf file, for my flash part, so that just ruins the whole process, that is one of thing that I notice early this morning. When I get home, I will upload the .swf file, and hopefully they'll werk. Also notice the sound, have not tested yet, but will have to wait and see. Also I notice, with the new navbar. I have limited viewers from accessing the other art pages. I will have to add them on, or change the navbar.
    Tuesday, January 08, 2002
    Update on the page: I will be changing the layout again, I get tired of the same layout, New layout coming soon. Hopefully I'll be working on something this weekend, and I plan on changing the way my page werks, alot of changes. More blogging, it maybe random rambling, anything. I may even change the theme of the page and blog according to that. Not sure yet, check back later.